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Writing Clickable Headlines: an Easy 3-step Formula

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Writing is the lifeblood of any website or blog. It doesn’t matter if you’re showcasing the best inventions or sharing inspiration for the most extreme travel destinations. But, the average reader will visit a page for less than a minute.

That means you need to grab their attention with your headline and get straight to the point, the visitor to your page needs to know what you are offering; such as the easy 3 step formula to writing clickable headlines.

Step 1 – Headline First

Before you start writing any article you need to decide your headline. You may think it is better to write the article and then choose a headline. However, if you adopt this approach you’ll find that the article covers a wide range of topics; one headline will struggle to be enough for all the topics.

By creating your headline first you’ll have decided the topic you are writing about and the issue that you want to deal with. The headline itself will tell the reader what your article is going to tell them and at the same time knowing the headline will help you to stay on track writing the article. thebusinessoftech


Step 2 – The Keyword

You shouldn’t choose a keyword without doing some research. You need to identify the keywords that score well in search engines for your specific subjects and which keywords you want to rank for.

Once you’ve chosen the keyword this needs to be in your headline. Research shows that it is best to have the keyword at either the beginning or the end of the headline; not in the middle.

This keyword should also appear in the first or second paragraph of your writing and then at least once more later in the article. However you shouldn’t overdo the use of keywords in any article as this can lead to keyword cannibalization and a decrease in your search engine position.

Your headline should be long enough to attract attention without being too convoluted that it loses the visitors interest straight away.

Step 3 – Be Fresh

If you’re writing about any topic there is a good chance that someone has already written about it before. This means there are already headlines that need to be competed with; your headline needs to be better than the competition.

You should start by searching on your chosen topic or keyword, this will help you to identify the headlines that are already in use and avoid using anything similar.

Your headline needs to be fresh and unique. Ideally it should never have been used before, this will help to attract interest in your page and keep your visitor there once they arrive.

It’s not always easy to create a unique headline but there are tools on the web which can help. Taking your time to get this part right will increase the time that people spend on your page and the number of visitors that convert into customers.

If you’re really struggling with finding unique headlines then you may need to get professional help; the expense will be worthwhile.

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