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What Problems Do Full Time Real Estate Investors Face

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It is a challenge to take up real estate investing as your full time profession and it is rarely successful if not done the right way. The deals which involve non-conventional as well as conventional methods of running this business must be handled by you properly if you are serious about this real estate Hyderabad business. It simply means that we put our money in our own deals sometimes, but a lot of times we are using others’ money in a deal with zero investment from our side; in such cases, our focus must be to have no liability on such deals where no money of ours is involved.

Before starting, you must remember one thing that being over-confidence about your success in this business and leaving your job to take this business as fulltime can be a foolish decision. This can not only cut off your source of income but also can create further financial breakdowns. So a wise step would be to wait until your total annual income from the real estate investments rivals your steady job income; that is the right time to make the jump.


Many beginner investors depend on other realtors to find their first deal, who gives them information about a few MLS properties. But the negativity here is that many realtors are uniformed relatively about the idea of a good deal. The essential analysis of properties in terms of monthly income, estimates of flipping profits are totally neglected or are referred to as “potential income”, which results in the newbie investor not being able to progress and just make speculations about the income. So you must remember that not all realtors are investors and hence trusting their knowledge blindly can result in your loss.

A common scenario that happens with first time investors is that they buy a property as suggested by a realtor friend and then the deal doesn’t work out at all. Normally the problems faced are losses in terms of money due to the property remaining vacant, bad tenants, huge repair expenses, etc. These expenses can lead to the newbie investor getting discouraged.

So what beginners should do is that gain total knowledge and training about the real estate business. Try conversing with experienced investors and if you have any as a friend, them accompany him on deals so that you can learn the tricks of the game. Educating yourselves thoroughly and practically reduces your investment risks.

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