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Three Ways Which Third-party Websites Can Bring Traffic to Your Own Site


The immediate accessibility to look at alternatives makes online shopping a very fiercely competitive market. Whether you are looking to buy tangible items or a subscription, there always seems to be a better deal just a click away. The challenge for merchants is to be the site at the end of that click.

Engage Your Enthusiasts

Prosumer and professional products such as DSLR cameras have a loyal customer base with a very active online community. Advertising on these sites is an excellent way to bring customers looking for a product you offer to your own website.


Operating through forums, these are where current owners and enthusiasts discuss current products, but where new customers come to get information on new products.

Advertise Your Sale

Advertising a sale on your own website is great for those already visiting your online store. To engage new customers, third party sites like auction merchants or discount finders are great because modern users are always looking for a sale item. The Groupon Coupons page for Vimeo is the perfect example.

By utilizing the Groupon Coupons page, their sale items and brand name are being put in front of customers who may never have heard of the service, along with offering discounts to existing customers.

Look for Related Blogs

If you provide a service or a product, there’s a chance somebody is writing a blog about it. These blogs attract readers who are interested in the topic and can be a great way to find new customers.

As an example: If you own a landscaping equipment store, consider advertising on a popular gardening blog. Similarly, if you own a pool installation company, a blog which updates parents on toddler swimming tips can be a great option. The idea is to find a service which is relatable to yours, and utilize their existing customer base.

Bringing traffic to your site, especially a site which sells a product or service, is no easy task. With your competitors trying to do the same thing, every little trick you can think of counts. Along with these tips, give some serious thought to other creative avenues you can use to draw in new customers.

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