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The Most Important Copier Features Every Business Needs

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Photocopiers and fax machines have become an indispensable part of every modern office operation. But when you are choosing a new photocopier what are the key features for your operation? The kinds of features you and your employees will require will change with the demands of the business, as well as its nature. Despite this fact, there are some fairly universal features you should look for in your new printing machine.

One thing to keep in mind when buying office equipment in Toronto and when searching for a new copier is to not to get distracted by flash; never pick flair over substance. The newest printing models have a mind boggling amount of ancillary features; however, not all of them will necessarily be useful when it comes time to actually integrate them into your office space. The first attribute to consider, aside from the obvious ability to print out documents, is whether the machine can print in black and white, colour or both.

Sticking with a tried and true white and black printer will be a much cheaper option, as they cost less and do not require as much toner. All you will need to purchase will be a flat black ink pack. However, what they bring in low cost, they may lose in versatility. If your company, business, or venture uses complex graphic presentations, such as pie charts, then you will very likely want to go with a colour printer. Generally speaking for most businesses, a black and white and colour printer is your best bet, as you may not need colour today, but you never know what you will need in the future. And rather than wait until you need colour printing, which will force you to either run out to a print shop or purchase a new printer altogether, it is easier and far cheaper in the long term to just cover all your bases.


The ability to resize and crop your images will also be a powerful boon to your workflow and thus your company. This comes in handy when you need to fit one document inside another or when there are unsightly white spaces. Usually the resizing function moves in increments of percentage and this type is usually the easiest to utilize. Also make sure that your printer can both enlarge and shrink documents, as opposed to only being able to do one or the other.Having a printer with a NIC card (network interface card) will also be invaluable. Having a NIC will allow your computer to connect the office network and act as a network copier.

Lastly, always check if your prospective printer has the ability to bind and sort your materials. Binding and sorting allows you to create packaged documents and copy them so that you do not have to spend hours hand packing forty different manual booklets. This is excellent for pamphlets, manuals, how-to guides, photo spreads, colour palette booklets and many other similar complex and multiple page documents. The best way to ensure that you find the perfect copier for your business is to find a well-stocked supplier, such as Busys Business Systems.

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