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Getting Millennials On-board with Your Trade Show Booth

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Before you can entice millennials to attend your trade show or convention, you need to know who they are.

Millennials are between the ages of 18 and 34 and make up a significant portion of the population. That means their buying power is there to be potentially tapped into if you can connect with them. There also are the first generation to grow up entirely surrounded by electronics and social networking. They are true digital natives.

Some statistics on millennials: More than 55 per cent have posted a selfie to social media sites; they send an average of 50 texts a day; they have the highest average of number of Facebook friends, with 250.


Here are some ways to potentially connect with millennials:

Get to the point

Don’t be l-o-n-g w-i-n-d-e-d. If you’ve ever seen text messages sent between young people, you know they are short and to the point. If you can tap into how they message each other, well, ur gr8! Millennials are constantly wired and savvy, so don’t even try and pull the wool over their eyes. Be honest about your brand and what you are trying to sell and millennials are much more likely to become your customer.

Use technology

The first thing most people do every day is check their messages. For a group that has grown up from the get-go surrounded by technology, it would be prudent to have a technological aspect added to your trade show or convention exhibit design to attract millennials. Screens that display social media streams or tablets that allow visitors to fill out forms are great ways to get potential customers to interact with your brand.

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