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Ensuring Success at a Trade Show

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“There are just a few things you need to get right in order to achieve the maximum trade show success for your business. The advantages are extensive but in order to really get the optimum from the experience you need careful planning as well as strategic execution. You need to plan to the finest detail in order to really benefit from the optimum results possible.

Here are a few ways in order to guarantee the maximum trades show success for your business.

• Have a checklist – it may sound silly but a checklist really is extremely important when planning for a trade show. You need to have a checklist of everything you will need to organize before the day of the show, what you will need during the show and how you will manage things after the show has finished. It is important to deal with all of the trade show leads as quickly as possible for the best chance of turning those leads into sales.

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• Choose the right staff – it is important to take your best employees who are right for the job. This will play a key role in the ultimate success of the event. You need to choose the staff which will engage the public, manage your trade stand and generate those sales leads. It is also important to ensure that they have the resources they will need to get the job done properly. They must be trained and well prepared before the big day arrives.

• Dress for success – yourself and your staff should be dressed appropriately to make the best impression for your company. This creates a superb opportunity to enhance the branding of your company or products and get your message across. Although it is important to choose clothing which is comfortable for a long day on the sales floor it is also important to create the right sort of impression. Choose a wardrobe which reinforces the ethos and message of your company.

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• Create a simple yet effective trade show booth – the way you exhibit your business will have a major effect on the success of the show. At they’ve got a great selection of items which can really help your trade show booth stand head and shoulders above the competition. Well-chosen and designed trade show banners can help to attract the attention of the audience and draw them to your stand.

• Exhibit your most important products – there’s no need to take examples of everything you sell or every service you provide, choose particular promotions or your most important products and focus your trade show booth around them. Live demonstrations are a terrific way to attract an audience and keep their attention, and also give you a terrific opportunity to take your place as “industry expert” in your chosen field. This can let the audience see for themselves the capabilities of your product line.

• Remember that one of the most important tasks at a trade show or exhibition is to generate and gather sales leads – but following up those leads in a timely and professional fashion is equally or more important. You should aim to follow up all leads within three days of the trade show ending, if you leave it longer than three to five days your business will have lost all credibility.

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Of course there are many more things which also need to be considered but this is a very general outline of some of the things you must address in order to really get the most out of your trade show experiences.

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