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Eight Key Steps to Marketing Your Business and Cashing in

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This year, near about 700,000 American businesses will be sold. Most will be starting and mid-sized industries like yours. If you, too, are thinking of marketing, study these practical steps for creating the process go easily.

1. Control a Realistic Charge Range
2. Recognize the Tax Significances
3. Ready for a Sale
4. Seek Possible Buyers
5. Discuss Your Deal
6. Sign a Sales Contract
7. Strategy for the Closing
8. File Accounts with the IRS

Now for the GOOD MATERIAL!


Getting the Money of your Corporate Note
Business notes, known more exactly as seller carryback industry notes, is made when the purchaser of a business cannot or will not pay all money. Normally, banks and related lending organizations are hesitant to loan cash to new business owners who have negligible track records and where hard resources make up a small percentage of the total buying price.

In the matter where a purchaser cannot get a loan, the seller has two choices (1) Keep until he/she find a purchaser who can transfer all cash or (2) move back a note in demand to gather future payments. The first choice is often not truthful. In the second case, the seller is confidently able to at least abstract a large down payment to make additional sure that the purchaser has some “covering in the game”. However, even then the broker is usually in a place that he favors not to be in – he has no lump sum of cash to either finance in other chances or to retire. Not like a real estate note, where is there is a hard advantage that is equally easy to assess; the business note is fairly risky to hold.

So, what is a corporate seller to do when he didn’t want to be in the offering business to start with and now has a requirement for instant cash? What several people don’t understand is that the business note can be sold. The previous owner can sell all or share of the note to get a lump sum of money. In this way, both the aims of selling the business and receiving the cash out of it are seen.

In summary, marketing a business note is a brilliant way for the previous owner of a business to get his cash out of the corporate. Whether the cause for selling the note is that the wholesaler would have favored all cash all along, that he now has large debts to pay, or that he has the chance to pursue other funds, the sale of a business note is a platform of which you should always be alert.

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