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21 Questions to Assess Your Readiness for Time Management

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What number of us are liable of “Having things in the wrong order?”

Much is compose on the best way to deal with your time (the heap in the truck) while little specifies the first step (the steed that pulls the heap) of time administration, inquiring about WHY before we do the


A huge number of people have perused Napoleon Hill’s, “Think and Grow Rich.” Why have a large part of these peruses neglected to develop rich?

Could the answer be the same for the people who concentrate on how to oversee time yet, stay poor directors of time?

These WHY-inquiries help you check your preparation to draw the truck. Who better to ask? You know the answers better than anybody!

State of mind and determination are the steeds that force the heap of time administration tips to achievement.

Time Management

Look in the mirror as you pose these inquiries.


1. Why do I feel I am not utilizing my time legitimately?
2. Do I truly need to enhance my time administration?
3. Why do the many tips about time administration never seem to enhance my time overseeing aptitudes?

Help supportive network

4. Do I fear being despised on the off-chance that I limit my time with others?
5. Who are my best supporters?
6. Have I got some information about any change in my time administration style?
7. Am I faulting others (manager, workers, life partner, kids) for my absence of progress?


8. Am I apprehensive about changing my character and identity?
9. Am I apprehensive about missing inefficient exercises I appreciate doing?
10. Am I ready for changing my indolent propensities?
11. Am I substance in not thinking excessively about time?
12. What do I think about conduct change techniques?
13. Have all my endeavors at conduct change fizzled?

To Thine Own Self Be True – Shakespeare

14. Am I apprehensive about reality about my current time use?
15. Am I eager to acknowledge reality of time log investigation?
16. Am I searching for a simple brisk fix?
17. Will I face v setbacks or will I stop when I can’t be immaculate after just a couple of endeavors?


18. Have I had any change triumphs to expand upon?
19. Will I imagine the profits of being a finer director of time?
20. Will I taste the need for change so emphatically that I will commit myself for evolving?
21. Today is the first day of whatever remains of my life – what time today will I begin?

In the event that your responses to WHY show you are not ready to change your time overseeing style, you can spare time by not perusing the HOW stuff.

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